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 Beat the signs of ageing ... 

Do you remember what your skin looked like before wrinkles, sun-damage or acne scarring? Imagine skin so smooth, glowing, and problem free that you no longer need to use foundation or concealer. We are here to help you to look your best!

As you get older, your skin progressively loses elasticity because of the loss of proteins which help to keep it plump and smooth. You may begin to develop lines and wrinkles and your skin may start to look tired and begin to sag.

Other problems associated with ageing can include skin blemishes, such as ‘age spots’ and ‘liver spots’ as well as thinning of the lips which can lose their former fullness and sensuality. Also more common with age is finding unwanted hair starting to grow in the wrong places.

      Symptoms of Ageing:

Loss of Tone – due to loss of collagen, elastin, and muscular tension. Reduced firmness and elasticity cause the skin to sag and look less taut, with deepened wrinkles and rougher surface.
Thinner Skin – the epidermis thins while the integrity of the dermis is compromised. Loss of fatty deposits in subcutaneous layer.
Less Hydration – less secretion of oils from the sebaceous glands and lower performance in the dermal layer.
Uneven Coloration / Hyperpigmentation – photo - damage of the melanocytes.

Tunbridge Wells Skin and Laser Clinic offers a Complete Spectrum of Rejuvenation Treatments

The wider acceptance and increased accessibility of aesthetic medicine to an aging population has led to booming demands in photo rejuvenation treatments. An increasing number of patients are turning to Non -Surgical rejuvenation treatments to benefit from their unique advantages. The laser achieves such dramatic results by removing the damaged superficial skin cells, allowing a fresh and healthier skin surface to regenerate, and by stimulating the deeper collagen layer to thicken, improving the elasticity and texture of the skin. Together with a skin tightening treatment it effectively offers a non-surgical face-lift with a fresher, younger-looking skin.

Rejuvenation treatments can be performed as a stand alone procedure or can be used as part of a comprehensive skin rejuvenation program including: Muscle Relaxing Injections, Dermal Fillers, Titan, Erbium Laser Skin Resurfacing, IPL, Laser Collagen Remodelling, LED Light, Chemical Peels.

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